About us

Here, at Dunsfold, we are specialists in Alzheimer’s and dementia. We understand the needs of service users with these problems. Dementia can occur at any age and although the onset is usually after the age of 65, the young can sometimes be affected; however the main cause is the ageing process. There may be any of the following symptoms.

  • Forgetting what has happened recently, where short term memory loss occurs, but being able to remember events that happened a long time ago..
  • Becoming disorientated and not knowing what year it is or what the time of day is
  • Difficulty in finding the correct words to describe a situation
  • Eventually, long term memory loss

We also cater for service users with early onset dementia, who require assistance with day to day care such as:

  • washing,
  • help at mealtimes
  • help with daily routines and living.

We continue to value each and every individual who comes to Dunsfold. We welcome applications from people of all walks of life and are aware that each individual’s needs are different even though the diagnosis may be the same.

We like residents to have freedom of choice, independence and empowerment to carry on their lives with help from us so that they feel that they have a “home from home” atmosphere. 

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